Vampyre flower

You fall once again through the slit of the
night with no other weapon but open eyes and
terror against the invader. He is legion,
Relentless Legion is his name; growing
tenfold, you’re cornered inside the
ravenous cobwebs of his blind romance
Sentry Soul, you are the One closing his eyes
becoming the home of His whole universe,

Whoever opens his eyes draws to the border
to remain homeless there forever as insomnia
comes tunneling through to prove the
inconsistency of all reality;

Night after night I am punctured by
the single bullet that you shot right into to me
in the dark, and I try to recognize you when
we waken from the memory of death, you,
my perverse temptation, adorable angel attacking
my Sentry Soul, kissing my skin, your sacred face
buried in my hair, whispering conjurations to
make up for having been born..

You who speak of bribing the emissaries of my future:
at the bottom of Everything there is the Garden where
the blue flower of Novalis’ dream blooms eternal,
it is the cruelest flower, the Vampyre Flower


Myth & Moor: Stories are medicine: the folklore of healing

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