Guardians of our race inner
shadows watching as around
moving within ourselves
searching the night that
returns to us holding hands,
entering the mirrors of our lands

looking for what is lost those
ancient treasures we were meant
to inherit, stolen – facing
aching eternity absent those
stairs and the halls leading
to our glorious reigning heaven

Holding hands we break bread
before eternity, seeking the
stars of our destiny, we were
born like this and hated for
our beauty, living now lost
at the height of clouds so
serene among the shadows
between heaven and hell
and we know that only our
Love exists here where
Heritage keeps us wandering

looking for treasures squandered
the treasures stolen, the memories
lost, the Light of our world;

Our ancient guardians sign
custody papers using the seven
names of God; knowing they will
soon come to claim us, we are
on the move and arriving for
having come so far; we will leave
with those who are leaving, while
chasing away those who chase us
Guardians of our race, extend
your blessings and grace over us
as we birth a new race, a new world
a new home..


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