Victorious Here: Amen

Do not look for our life in life
It’s nowhere to be found
Here we will only speak to absence

Do not look for our nation in
the flag of country,
Here there is nothing but
streets of ashes, grafitti and incense

Do not look for love in those you love,
Here there is shocking parody found
in the laughter of clowns

Here, the lies of truth are given to be lost
disguised as futility, be grateful they are
not strong enough to claim us
Here where we Who live as children
inside our world’s final War
Here, we are God’s graceful, dancing angels,
Here, our flowered smiles of the grave
are forever inscribed on our lips, for
Here we bear the frost of eternal innocence
left on battlefields, our blood shed for these
precious lies of truth so that
Here in our silence we will enlighten our
Race which will seize those of us
whose poems leap from out of quagmire fields,
Here, rest in peace the final words breathed
between earth and Here, the skies bloom off
the trail of tears left upon imposed paths of
necessary violence, so that
Here, We may become salvation’s madness,
deaf and blind, our nations’ Wars
are the containers for all living water drained by
such thirst, so that
Here, the Glory of our War will
drench us all with a one word poem: “Amen”